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From fish to dish

Nowadays, future-oriented companies are characterised by giving a lot of attention to collaboration and by looking foor synergies in order to offer the customer a better product and an optimal service. This is no different with FishPartners, which is why the “partner idea” is one of the foundations of our company. Partnerships with our sister companies within the group, whith suppliers, and… with you as the customer.

Our goal?

Both yours and our growth as a result of a partnership “from fish to dish”. In a world where tracebility, durability and catch quota, as well as health and convenience play an increasingly more important role, this is the only guarantee for success. Partnership in a relationship of sustainable trust, today and tomorrow.





Urk (Rokerij)

Fishpartners Spakenburg
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3750 GD Spakenburg
T +31 (0)33 299 80 10
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